Gift Guide for Female Athletes

December 1, 2021

Supporting female athletes is important for their continued motivation and growth. What better way to show that you’re behind their efforts and activities than by giving them great female athlete gifts?

These gifts are perfect for showing her that you care while also letting her know just how tough and strong she is as well! Any of the gift suggestions listed below would be perfect for any female athlete to wear, eat, or use with pride. Some gifts are for fun while others can potentially help them learn how to fuel their bodies to get stronger, too!

Here are some gift ideas for female athletes that they’re sure to love:

  1. Strength Bracelet

Give them strength and empower them every time that they look down and read the message written on the inside of this bracelet.

  1. Infusion Water Bottle

We’re asking girls to drink a lot of water, and we know that can get old. This water bottle can be a game-changer since being able to add fruits to the water adds a great depth of flavor.

  1. Massager for Sore Muscles

Athletes deal with sore muscles all the time and this massager can help to relieve some of that pain.

  1. Nike Athletic Socks

Socks are key to keeping the blisters at bay! These are our favorite socks for all sports!

  1. Dupe Leggings

Have some $100+ joggers on the list but she’s still growing? These are a house favorite dupe!

  1. My Body is a Good Body Children’s Book

Have a younger female athlete in your house? We love Maria’s book to celebrate our bodies (and she’s a dear friend of mine)!

  1. Spiral Hairties

These coiled hair ties keep hair out of the face without damage and breakage.

  1. 50 Fearless Athletes Book

The gift of reading is always a good idea! Motivation comes from seeing the success of others oftentimes.

  1. Wireless Speaker

This speaker has amazing sound for both indoor and outdoor tournaments and practices.

  1. Hydroflask Waterbottle

Hydroflasks are in and if she doesn’t have one, she probably wants one!

  1. Foam Roller Kit

Foam rolling can help after those long days. This kit comes with items that can fit in her bag too!

  1. How To Dream Big and Believe In Yourself Book

This page-turner just goes to show how “throwing like a girl” took her to the very top of her game. We all love some Jennie Finch!

  1. Shadow Box for Athletes

Athletes should be proud of their accomplishments! Giving a gift of shadow boxes is the perfect way to showcase their success.

  1. Bath Soak for Sore Muscles

A spa night for athletes is much-needed after a hard day of training.

  1. Fueled Athlete Programs

An ebook, eating guide, and planner designed with the female athlete in mind! Created by a mom, former college athlete, and college coach, these will set her apart from the competition!

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